Why I Wrote "Faith to Faith"

As I am writing this information I began to count and realized my husband has been gone for five years, plus four months. At times it seems as if it were yesterday, but at other times it feels as if it were at least a hundred years ago. I mention it now because as I reread the above introduction I wondered why I hadn't mentioned certain other things. Since I didn't, I want to point out that learning is an ongoing process. When I was nine years old, I walked down a long aisle at Highland Church of Christ in Abilene,TX because I knew I wanted to belong to God. I didn't ask anyone because I knew what I wanted. What else did I know? Not much, but that's okay because God takes us wherever we are on His continuum. 


Of course, I had a good many years to get under my belt before I would be allowed to participate in much that is Godly...that is, outside the home.

The problem was that the things I was being asked to do in the name of the Lord, were so common, like dishes, baking, cleaning. They didn't seem worthy of God. It was actually an emotional release when I learned that 'doing for God' was anything that was doing for family or friends or strangers because it was the giving of yourself that mattered.

I learned something through that 'home' experience, we don't have to say to those we minister to "Oh, by the way, I'm doing this for the Lord." Somehow that translates into "I really don't care that much about you, I just want to stay in good graces with the Lord."Gaining spirituality is the only way we have of measuring up to what He wants us to be but it doesn't require advertisement unless someone asks, "why do you do this?" In that case you might just say because "I knew you could use some help, all of us do from now and then" and the one you have helped has something to think about. Love for people we don't really know or people who are difficult to love requires desire, decision, dedication, determination and a lot of practice doing it. Like for Mother Teresa, I'm quite sure it got to be second nature for her because she knew she was the messenger from God giving God's help and His love to someone in need. " The characteristic of a disciple is not that he does good things. but that he is good in his motives, having been made good by the super-natural grace of God." Oswald Chambers

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