Colorado Rockies

Colorado Rockies
 --- Marie Hunter Atwood
 --- 1950, edited 1972

Sharp white peaks thrust against an opaque blue
Catching light to brush with intense hue
Jagged crevasses and valleys below
Blanketed with glist'ning snow.

Awesome, austere, deceptive and cold
They beckon and lure their treasures to hold
Once given your heart can never be free
Of mountains and valleys and tall pine trees.

Written originally to go in a collection titled
                   Journey of Love
I debated including it. Was it truly about love?
I quickly realized there are many types of love, 
and we had fallen for this place, this beautiful
state. The mountains and the feeling they generate
especially with the whisper of pines and the
sound of water rushing to downhill destinations,
and not to leave out the blue, blue sky is not only
love and beauty, it is God lingering near.

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