Don't Pass Me By

Life Lived Is A Choice of What We Will Do
Filled with blessings for our whole life through
Yet evil is never far from our side
Whispering suggestions of what we should try.

Sometimes we resist him as we turn away
But he knows us well and continues to prey
Until weakness draws me away and I hear laughter
Over victory that day, and I cry out in pain

I hear your voice calling...oh Lord my God

Please know how hard I'm be your child

Keep me close within your arms...until I die

I'll be your child Lord, my God

And when I hear angels singing...O Holy God

Safe within your arms...I'll abide

Keep me close beside you...until I die

Just to be with you my cry

Don't pass me by. Don't pass me by.


In Honor of My Mother

In Honor of My Mother

Colorado Rockies