Daily Prompt - Robert and the Man with a Gun

3/17/17 (set-up) Write a scene that involves a panoramic shot and a terrible secret, revealed

Robert was excited by his time away from his desk. The weather was perfect for some great pictures about to be shot, and "hopefully" he said to himself "I won't goof it up". He'd noticed an oddity a few days ago when he flew over this area with a buddy, and had decided then that the next time he had the time to be on his own he would check it out. The tough part was the long...at least not straight up, 
climb. As mountains go this one would be termed fairly small but odd. Thankfully it didn't reach tree line, so he was fairly certain he wouldn't have any problems. 

Moon Mountain itself had sort of a bend to the north from the main track which was moving fairly straight forward if you discounted numerous short turns.  He'd never climbed her before this so he was interested in what he would find. Not sure how difficult the way up or down would be, he had set his alarm and was packed and ready by four a.m. and making good time he thought.

He recognized some of the more unusual spots that he'd seen from the air, but thought he'd best stick to his plan. Huffing a little he dropped down on a good size boulder and opened his equipment from which he drew his water bottle and  measured out a good finger of water before capping it and began to check out his equipment. "Might see a nice view and want to be ready" he told himself. 

 He stretched his arms and legs picked up his backpack and started back up-hill. Recognizing  he was almost to the mid-point he took out his camera and fiddled with the light settings and began shooting randomly. He turned toward the heavy bank of trees and focused slightly off center and was surprised to see that in this exact spot he was viewing a gorgeous landscape. Why haven't I ever seen that before, he wondered and stepped forward a bit. 

I've never seen this before he commented out loud. That is a beautiful scene, and then he saw the gun pointed at his chest and the man behind it looking as if he was ready to pull the trigger. Without intent he yelled "Hey there, what are you doing? but the man was silent. 

He looked Robert over head to toe and indicated with an abrupt nod he was to move in the direction of the nod. Robert moved. His captor continued  to stare as if he was deciding what to do with him. Robert copied the man's decision and stood as still as he could and stared back, hoping that he himself had a strong, unafraid look. Might work if he could just stop shaking. 

Winter Gray