Daily Prompt - Janet and Mom

describe someone procrastinating. Make the sentences show resistance and dread in their structure.

 Mom: "Janet ... have you finished your room?"
Janet: "What?"
Mom:  "Your room!" Silence "Your room...you know, where you sleep and leave everything a mess?"
Janet "Oh, Mommm  ..." 
Mom  "And don't 'oh mom me.' I've been reminding you all day ... I do want it done before your friend comes."
Janet: "She doesn't care, Mom, really! And in a pleading voice "You should see her room! Mine's lots better!
Mom:  Sarcastically ."I'll bet it is" and with a sigh "you may be right, but                      would  it  make, besides, you may not be right. What if she comes and decides she doesn't want to go in your room," dryly "for obvious reasons?"
Janet: " Mom, you're being mean now and ..."
 Mom  "Or what if she decides Deidra's room is nicer and suddenly calls to say she won't be coming after all because she's going there?" 
Janet: "Do I ha-ve to?"
Mom: "Yes, dear, you have to. Go on. Get it off your mind. If you get in there and get busy, you'll be through in no time." Mom puts her arms around Janet and hug her before looking in her fact and questions "You're alright aren't you? I mean...you're not feeling badly are you?"
Janet drops her eyes and says..."no Mom, I'm not feeling bad. It just isn't what I want to do right now.
Mom: "I know sugar-babe. You dust needed some dream time. Am I right?"
Janet smiles and says "You're too smart, silly Mom. Can't I have any privacy?"
But she smiled as Mom hugged her again, and said...
"What'll you give me to get it done in say, a half-hour? Ummm? Think I can?"|
Mom: "I'm sure you can, sweet girl and I tell you what, I'll give you..." she pauses
and then says "I'll give you a swat on the pants if you don't."
Janet shrieks: "Mommm."
Mom: "Better get with it, time's a-wasting!"

And that is how Mom won the battle with "Sweet-girl."

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FAITH - Hebrews 11:1

FAITH - Hebrews 11:1