Adam and Eve - Things we Fail to Consider

Adam and Eve - Things we Fail to Consider


Have you ever wondered about the fact that the Bible is the book that has sold the most copies than any book ever published and yet it is probably the least used of all reference materials.

Adam and Eve

Just about everyone knows who these two people were. First of all they were the first man and first woman of the entire world which actually means of the entire universe. That's pretty big stuff, right?  Well, let me tell you something you may not know about them. Really! I kid you not!

They were both extremely naive. You didn't know?" They didn't have a bit of background and had to find out everything they needed to know from other people. Of course you and I know that there were no other people in that beautiful garden called Eden, so when God began to tell them some things they really needed to know, of course their first thought was to get a second opinion.

Satan, Mr. Johnny-on-the-spot, so to speak, was there just when they were wondering where they could get the nitty-gritty on this matter. So they strolled on over to Mr. Beautiful himself and asked straight out what he thought, and Mr. Beautiful had a strange reaction. He laughed. Then he laughed some more and said in a superior kind of way that looked as if he was in shock and said "And you believed what God said? Let me get this straight, God actually said if you eat fruit off of that tree over there, the one that's called the Tree of Knowledge, you'll die?" And he begins to chuckle again.

"Honey" he said in his sweetest voice "He didn't mean it that way...He was kidding you."

"You're sure?" they asked.

"Of course! I wouldn't lead you wrong! Now listen to me and I'll sort this all out. Why would He talk about dying when you just got here? That doesn't make any sense at all. Now what he was really doing was just playing with you, I assure you. If you like the looks of that apple and are craving a bite or two of something good and crisp why just run on over there and pull you one or two. What is it going to hurt, hmm?"

Adam and Eve were so glad to have this troubling situation resolved and were so impressed by Satan's spectacular looks in his suit of jewels, that they didn't give it another thought.

Now when God heard unbelievable story, His heart was broken because He knew what He had to do. Please understand that He wasn't happy about expelling the man and woman from the garden, and it was not because He was a mean landlord. He could see that Satan had told a tiny bit of truth and had fancied up the rest of the truth with so many lies that it was inevitable that Adam and Eve would believe what he said. After all, they were just like babes ... they trusted anyone.

No, God was sad because if He left them in the Garden they could partake of the Tree of Life and live forever in darkness. Yes, in darkness because forgiveness was not something that had been given yet. You see, if this happened Adam and Eve would have wandered aimlessly in a dark world without ever having opportunity to redeem themselves.

If you thought a God who loved them wouldn't have treated them so, please, think again. Their punishment was an act of love to save them, and they were probably given many opportunities in the outside world to show their repentance. How do I know this? Well, I am a student of His Word and I know it because it's already been decided that He (God) is fair with everyone, and it just wouldn't be fair to do it any other way. That means God is not partial and He always gives you another chance, that is, if you want it. 

So, please, do tell me what you think. Was I right? Had anyone ever told you how Satan pulled that off? He was a meany, you know, and still is, you have to be so careful where he is concerned. You know, I've figured out that the best thing to do is to tell him to go away, get lost, because God says that if you do that,  he'll run from you because he doesn't like to get hurt. Watch for some other things you didn't know before. I'll see if I can find you something really interesting. So stick around!

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