The Turkey Trot

The Turkey Trot


Preface: From my house to yours, have a blessed Thanksgiving with family and friends as you give thanks to the Father for His love and His care. They arrived this morning Quarter of ten In spectacular grace Hundreds of them.

Quietly they assembled Staking out space Where they pecked for seeds And ground them in place.

The size of these gobblers Promised a long day ahead If they satisfied their hunger And got back to bed.

Cautious they were And filled with dread For they'd heard of guns That could take off your head.

So they gobbled and 'chewed' As they bobbed their wee heads With an occasional 'gobble' To scare off their dread.

But sharply at two They disappeared like ghosts As if floating 'ore hills to Avoid their host.

Quietly they vanished In ignorance they fled Not realizing their caution Left a finely marked tread

For anyone to follow Who'd care to so do In case they were craving A turkey or two!!


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