Hello, my LoveWish I could see And know How you are. But then, I know All is well, and I'm So happy that You are there

It's been so nice here With a soft, sweet moisture Falling throughout the day It's lovely to see the earth Draw it in, just like heavenly dew It's not a bit dreary, not at all Even though some have Donned a jacket or two!

Do you realize, my dear It's planting time again? The fragrance of tilled Soil, so very pungent Creates an aroma That welcomes all To share in the beautiful Agenda of Spring.

I wish you could share In this gorgeous renewal It is so unlike its' brother Who comes with raucous Noise that shakes the earth I'm thankful it drifted upon me In moments of quiet like in today's Misty presence, soft, and gentle.

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Touch Me