Thinking of You

Thinking of You

I saw her again the other day Flirting with her eyes Looking at him as if he were me Interest undisguised. And it reminded me of how we met When promises whispered lies But when I looked into the future Only darkness filled the skies.

Gritting my teeth I said good-bye Choking up where it hurt inside And now I've seen her with him I know my decision was wise. She doesn't have a clue of forever Nor of the gossamer passage of time But now she's gone I'm all alone With memories that just won't die.

I cry for love no longer mine For the ache of "might have been" Haunted by lies and promises That now have flown with the wind. Thinking, thinking, accompanied By two little words, "if only" It might have been, "if only, if only, If only I say again. (edited 2015)

I posted this poem sometime last year, but since I'm doing a series of my love poems and I have recently edited primarily the last verse of this one, I decided  to post it again.


Strength to Strength