DOUBLE LONELY'm going to share with you some of the love poems I've written. Most were written for my husband, but some were not as I don't believe most of the world has the same viewpoint I do about love and marriage. Yesterday's 'The Green-Eyed Girl was an example of today's philosophy about love and while it makes for an interesting poem it is not the criteria by which true happiness may be found. I'm not as sure about today's poem, 'Double Lonely'. What does one do with a mate who isn't faithful? Perhaps my solution is the best one that can be chosen. Never having addressed the situation myself, and basing this opinion on whether the infidelity is a one-time incident or a life-style you will have to be the judge about my 'solution' which can be called...forgiveness. Let me know what you think, I would be happy to hear from you.

Oh, by the way, 'The Green-Eyed Girl' and today's poem 'Double Lonely' are two of the pieces I have written as lyrics for the music of High Desert Ayre.

Double Lonely

The loneliness of a partner Bestirs a curious mind What is happening with him And what am I apt to find? I'm gonna peek into his Calendar to see just what He's done, and if he's been untrue I tell you what I'll do:

I'm gonna hug him and kiss him Until he's turning blue And then I'm gonna kick him in in the rear and tell him that we're through.

Then I'll leave him to his weeping And go back to our loving nest And there I'll wait for my beau geste Until he's home and passed the test. All I'll say is "hello sweetheart?" I've missed you, where've you been?" And as he comes into my arms I'll hold him close to the count of ten.

Then I'll hug him and kiss him Until he's turning blue And finally I'll hear him whisper You know I can't leave you.

God, Can I Ask You a Question?

The Green-Eyed Girl