Enter Summer

I realize summer is well on its way for 2014 and is not just now making her appearance. However, where I live in the mountains above Hesperus CO we have been experiencing very cool days because, (blessing of all blessings), it has been raining, and summer as we usually think of her, had not made an appearance until today! In her honor, then, I offer this poem to remind us that summers are usually a little longer, and yes though we have enjoyed the cool days, we are happy to see her again because she is a vital part of our lives. Enter Summer

Summer burst slowly About me today Her edges a tapestry of green Forgoing the heat Of her coming days She seemed most willing to please. Her balmy breezes Ruffled my hair And kissed my sun-warmed skin And I basked in fragrances Clean and sweet as I listened To birdlings sing. I gazed then in awe At fluttering leaves And marveled at things unseen A God who designs And provides such things At the close of a snowy spring.

My Going Home Song