Book Recommendation - Awakening One New Man

NAME: Awakening One New Man

TYPE: Religious

AUTHOR: Each chapter has a different author; editors are Robert F. Wolff and Don Enevodsen

This a rare offering by Jewish and Gentile Christians on the necessity of coming together in worship of God and the Son, Jesus Christ, the Messiah Savior.

Sandra Teplinsky, author of chapter seven and co-president of Light of Zion writes: "Like estranged family members reunited after too many years apart, Gentile and Jewish believers are at long last becoming reacquainted." She continues, "In 1975 only a dozen or so established Messianic congregations were known to exist in the world. At this writing less than 40 years later, some estimate that up to half a million follow Jesus."

This is a very interesting and worth while book. It is available at Amazon in paperback and e-book and at most outlets in the USA.

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