This is a 'Catch-Up' Piece About Me

I think I told you about my book being published. This was in June 2013 so we are past the one year mark. Some days it still seems a dream. I am very proud of it, and if you have not as yet read it, I invite you again to see what you make of it. The name is And There Was War in Heaven. In case you are worried that you might run into some denominational dogma, let me reassure you, because there is none there, and when I give my opinion which means it cannot be backed by scripture, I tell you it is my opinion. I do quote from several 'experts' and give you their names and where I obtained their opinions, for that is exactly what it is, opinion. I do not claim to know everything and I assure you as I continue to study God's word, some of my opinions will change. That is the way it should be (in my opinion), for our Lord expects us to grow in knowledge and wisdom. Outside of information about my published book, I have been writing a second book which is now complete and ready for a publisher. It is titled From Faith to Faith, Living by the Spirit. I am also in the middle of a project to publish a book of poetry. I'm excited about that and can't wait to see how it will be received. I am still considering if it will be strictly a book of nature poems, or if I will include other categories such as love, spirituality, philosophy, politics, fun or memorial offerings for terrorism.

On the personal side, I have been gifted with seven great grandchildren, and my oldest grandson has gifted me with a bride.  The daughter and son-in-law on whose property I live had their 1st Annual Acoustic Blue Grass Festival on the property which was a lot of fun and their group sang eight or nine of my songs. Maybe I hadn't told you I have been writing words for their music for about a year now and a member of the band creates the music. It is incredible to hear them sing my poetry for that is what it is, with a slightly different style. Another daughter who lives here on the ranch is working on her masters in forensics in addition to taking care of a two-story log cabin, another cabin that was created as a school house in about 1915, and a two-story ranch house, all together able to sleep about 18 people.  Another daughter just returned from a missionary trip to Kenya for the non-profit group she works for, and it seems as if life hasn't slowed to any degree at all.  I'm going to include a poem I call a 'fun' poem. It is called:

The Old Lady and I

Suspicious and cranky

The old lady seemed

Quite ready to take me

Apart at the seams.

Her eyebrows went up

In startled surprise

As her mouth pinched tight

Over words taken flight.

I murmured quite softly

To lessen her pain

And found surprisingly

We were one and the same.

Marie Hunter Atwood


It Was Lost at Sea