Spring Artistry

Spring with her sweetness and magical sights

Over powers my senses with pure delight.

I wake one morning an she has arrived

Bursting with color, from winter survived.

The chatter of birds, the whisper of wind,

The warmth of the sun on grass green and trim

The fragrance of blossoms on crisp, clean air

Speaks of artistry with exquisite flare.

It's almost as if she knows time is short

Each moment a gem of precious import

Aflame with color and bursting with light

She transforms her canvas long before night;

And night silently lays her work aside

Extracting pause, lest beauty subside

In extravagance and die before time

Leaving days to exist in pantomime.

In Memory of and Dedicated to Those Who Lost Their Lives in the Oklahoma City Bombing

Inspiration is a Mother