Two Poems for my Husband of Sixty Years

Mel passed away two years ago January 2012. I seemed to bury myself in writing for a time and some of the poems seem quite sad, but it was a time of readjustment for me and helped me get through that very lonely period. Of the two I want to share, the first was written after I began to recognize that it was our times together, the memories that sustained me. This poem reflects those feelings from the beginning to this point of acceptance.

Fake Moonbeams

Oblivion takes me far away

From where I sadly lie

Remembering all we said and did

And how we laughed and cried.

It fills my heart with anguish

Knowing it's now a dream

But loneliness keeps me busy

And out of fake moonbeams.

Come to me in dreams my love

And we'll sing a silly song

And yearn for drifting promises

that have left since you are gone.

The next poem came to me without my understanding that I was writing of him. It took me awhile to realize that time had worked her magic, that my heart was lightened, and I had experienced the release of that consuming experience. I will always miss him, but it is now a happy kind of missing. Happy for the memories, happy that he is no longer in pain, and happy that I will one day join him. As always he has led the way.


I felt the melody as it drifted

To the place wherein I lay

And wondered at the sadness

It seemed in need to say.

It soon became my own

And wrapped me in rich tones

And I gave myself to wisdom

As it soothed and filled my soul.

Like fingers trailing water

I felt a cool release,

Renewed even as I lay there

With wetness on my cheeks.

Winter Destiny

Winter Haikus, by Marie