Moon Over Water

Moon over water

Calling for me

Shadows obstruct my view

Memories haunt my heart's desire

To be reunited with you.

I hear the loon's lonely cry

And the ache reaches out to me

If only I knew how to find you

I'd jump on a moonbeam and flee.

Calling, calling

Your voice claims my dreams

Tenderness surrounds me

Softly in evening's moonbeams.

You may recognize this as I have posted it before. However, with the help of Lee Fiske it is now a song and I wanted to honor his assistance in adding the chorus in both of it's forms. Lee is a great singer and musician especially what he can do on guitar. Without him there would not be the very special singing group, High Country Ayre. They are so good. If you get an opportunity be sure to catch their performance.

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