Out West

Like neverland, the place

Of children's dreams

The land created hope and things

Filled minds with unseen dreams.

Too big to measure

Too varied to resist

The West laid waiting

A jewel on nature's breast.

Indians claimed it first

Not knowing others had come before

It was theirs now by possession

Yet possession wasn't enough

To keep it free of aggression.

Settlers came from far and near

To stay, they each proclaimed.

God's country, they said in awe

Where man can make a name.

It wasn't easy they soon learned

To fight nature and the Indian too.

It was an awful choice they had to make

That changed the world, themselves too

But they kept on working at it because

 It seemed the thing to do. Why?

For dreams are made for doing

And the future demands it true.

So, slowly changes came although 

With death and dying,

A mother's loss,  a father's anger

Yet here and there a ranch. a farm, a child,

Until in satisfaction

The settler found his smile.

With difficulties on both sides

They agreed that men are men, 

And the Indian finally became a friend,

A neighbor who knew the land, began

To make changes of his own. 

Sent his kids to school and bought

From the white man's store.

Yet old ways lingered sad and strong

For all who called it home,

And before long, the horse had become

A symbol, oh, there were others, but

The horse carved a place in the white man's 

Mind and it helped to build unity between 

Old and new, and there was a bond

Built of strength and spirit

And a promise of what is true.

But as the cowboys did their ranching

An old claim reared its head

Ownership by possession

Became the farmer's dread.

Fighting came and killed both sides,

But soon as fighting was over

They followed each their way

Having learned again their lesson

By the hard way.

And by the grace of God,

The land was here to stay.

But then a new kid came to town

Ain't it the way? But for sure

This were a different breed for sure

He chose a different way and instead 

Of guns or fences, he advertised his ways.

An artist by profession, he saw

The horse's spirit and painted him

Inside out to show the fire

He saw reflected in his eyes , and

Would you believe it now, that 

Ever one from ocean to ocean

Loves the horse and land and

Visits in the heat of summers

To learn how it was in yesterdays

Indian, cowboy, farmer, artist

In harmony with the land.

God's light inspires the artist

As it glorifies our ways

And gives to each a blessing

As it closes down the day.

Now we close the circle

Content within its breadth

From petroglyphs in dark caves

To electronics eclectic waves

Whatever tomorrow holds

Of work that's grim or plain

We can be thankful for the artist's soul

Who helped convinced us 

Our souls are one. 


Dreams and Jeans

My Dad (affectionately called Daddy)