Shy or Self-Centered?

The harshest, most difficult but accurate criticism I've ever had was from my mother who pointed out to me that my shyness was a form of being self-centered. Man, that hurt! I was quite certain she was wrong in her assessment because I wasn't selfish, I was always willing to share and I was always looking for ways I could 'help'. I wanted attention, but I didn't know how to handle it. I longed for friends, but couldn't reach out for them and waited to see if they would come to me. It took way too many years for me to realize my mother was correct. How did I resolve this issue? It wasn't an overnight thing, but I eventually knew that there were lots of people just like me who wanted to be known and appreciated for who they are, and I became a 'people watcher'. I noticed and complimented, I spoke to those who were lonely and tried to draw them out, If they had problems I asked how they were doing. Basically it boils down to noticing and caring for people individually instead of waiting to be on the receiving end. It's a great formula and one that can work for anyone and it actually makes you feel better about yourself.

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