The Pain of Lost Love

After a while will the sun come out to smile Will clouds disappear and wipe away lies

Will fresh breezes quicken and open your eyes

Or will I exist on memories and good byes?

After a while will I long for you no more

Will my heart no longer linger at your door

Will there be new horizons or yearnings as before

Or will I lose the longing forevermore?

After a while does heartache really end

Or does it step aside forgetting it should mend?

I wish I knew the how's and why's we ceased to blend

Then perhaps I'd pretend this moment is just a whim.

Will 'after-a-while' time ever come for me?

I know the memory of  love will ever be.

But perhaps fate's kindness will soothe the pain

Enough to set me on life's path again.

-Marie Atwood


The Wind of God