The Wind of God

Spring Wind I walk with the wind In her many moods And feel your presence there. I lift up my eyes And behold her at play Among the clouds so fair. And I wonder then, For she never stays, Where does she go from here? As she takes her leave How I wish I could see Your treasuries old somewhere. Does she sleep while there Or contemplate The path of her next foray? And when she slips out Does her swishing about Wake all the angels to play? I wish I could see The wings of the wind As you ride through the blue, But for now I'll continue To walk with the wind In all her many moods.

Marie Hunter Atwood 2006 (edited 2007)

In the early 1960's I read a book that made reference to the "Wind of God". The phrase captured my imagination and I determined to write about it. In the process it seemed to take on a playful persona. Two scriptures fed my thoughts. They are Psalms 135:7 and 104:3.

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