A Guide to Understanding God’s Purpose and His Plan

In retrospect, stories learned as children were entertaining but failed as life mentors. I believe the reason this is so, is because we remembered the stories, but not the principle that was behind the story. In consequence, we, as well as our children, in failing to retain principles, have lost a portion of background history necessary to understand many of God’s messages.

For instance, why did God give the Law of Moses? Of what purpose were the kings and judges, the flood of Noah’s time? What do the Covenants mean, and why didn’t first-century Jews accept the promised Messiah? Why is Revelation a part of His message, since it is in apocalyptic language, and does it have any meaning for us?

These questions are important, as they grant knowledge that provides additional sources of honor from which we are able to praise Him more effectively. They are also the background for the New Covenant under which we

From Faith to Faith, As We Live in the Spirit

A Spiritual Message to Those Who Love God

He loves us and yearns for our hearts to be one with His and gives us opportunity to participate in the fulfillment of that desire by choosing the path of spiritual growth that will draw us closer to His presence and to His Holy nature.

Based on the loving nature of His every activity as He ministered to us on this planet, and intent on our own goal of becoming like Him, God gradually changes us into the glorious, spiritual person He wants us to be.

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My motivation to write "From Faith to Faith" came in part from writing "And There Was War in Heaven."  Although I had experienced inklings of what it would include, it came together as a result of the study and research done for the first book. I sort of wrote the first to prove that it has continuity from beginning to end and as I wrote I not only learned how correct I was in that opinion but I knew that a connection was staring me in the face without being recognized. That connection was the commitment to continue my dedication and love for the Lord by means of actually pursuing spirituality.

A good way to start is to recognize some truths.

  • "Christians must be transformed from what we are to what we can be."
  • Our faith cannot be an abstract acknowledgment.
  • As we learn "the manifestation of the Spirit (knowledge) is given to each one for the profit of all" (become a sharer of the word) 1 Corinthians 12:7.
  • Experience the knowledge of God's nature and seek to make it your own in order that you may reflect His great light.
  • "We all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image..." Corinthians 3:16-18.   

When I got that far there were a few negatives to deal with.

  • Christianity is not a matter of obeying a lot of rules for the sake of salvation.
  • Attitude is the problem to overcome.
  • Legalism is not the answer.

These are the bones of the book, the foundation that insisted I fill in the blanks. How could I refuse?

This list of negatives could go on and on, but they are to no advantage to learn, so why bother. The reason I included the three above is because the first is one of Satan's favorite arguments. Don't let him fool you into believing it. Attitude change makes a big difference as does acknowledging that legalism was mistakenly a practice of the Pharisees and has no place in spirituality.