I create and share inspirational content that explores the invisible and visible realms of God as it is manifest. If you are struggling with the idea of religion, I would love to share why I believe in the power of spirituality. You might be surprised by what I have to say, and then you could share with me how you feel about what I said and we could discuss it if you like, but I won't argue argue with you. You can reach me at Pages > Get in Touch.

My desire is to change the way God is viewed - not as an institution - but as a body of love, so that you can feel connected to him again.

Thru writing: Unless specified otherwise, all writing is my own. I will share poems, related book reviews, haikus, philosophy and thoughts on compassion & love.

Thru pictures: I’m an avid collector of beautiful pictures. This is in part because beautiful things inspire me. Beauty is special and so much of it comes straight from God .

Thru quotations: I love to share quotes that define my view of the world, are motivational or come back to my overarching theme of compassion & love.

If you are interested in exploring these subjects further, I have published two books, that are  And There Was War in Heaven and From Faith to Faith. My third book is in publication and they tell me I'll have it in about fifteen days. It is a Novelette of about 100 pages, and I will have a few copies to give away. The name of this one is To Those Who Would Love. Give me a call!

This blog is the culmination of my life’s goal in a way of which I would never anticipated. As we live, our challenge is to prepare for the heavenly home.  For this reason, I strive for inspiration and encouragement in the hope of bringing readers as well as myself to a heartfelt relationship with God.

I have been writing stories and poetry since I was eight and in the last few years have added lyrics as another interest.  As an adult, my writing has expanded to include Biblical teaching. It has been said you should write about what you know best and for me, that is a lifetime study of scripture.

I am passionate about my faith, family and the world around me. I am a devoted student of the Bible and what I want more than anything is to share my love of the Savior with those who are searching for answers and desiring relationship with God.

I'm a mother of five, grandmother of twelve and great-grandmother of  eight. I was married to my soul-mate for sixty years until his passing in January of 2012.